Saturday, August 3, 2013

Who ya gonna call??

After a family BBQ at the crib, my little cousins threw their food in our recycling bin - which is obviously just meant for glass & plastics...a week later, I found...brace ya'self...maggots. EW!
Gross. Um, I've never seen them before, I don't even like the word. It gives me anxiety and makes me feel sick, itchy, and sad. Real talk. Kinda like how some people have a reaction to the word "moist" or "woman can't drive"? Whatever.

 My friend, and hero helped me exterminate the lil' f*ckers.

While wearing a Top Gun onesie.

And aviators.

That's how we roll.

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  1. With no working soundcard on this computer I'm making up my own dialogue for that video.