Friday, December 16, 2011

Light Skin'd.

My parents live in Florida. But damn, they need to get out.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Graham Norton's "Would You Rather.."

I had the complete honor of being a guest panelist on Graham Norton's new show, "Would You Rather.." He's not pictured here, but the man is the sh*t, and I'd like to be like him when I grow up.

Also featured on the panel is Cyndi F'ing Lauper. (Pictured left) That woman looked amazing! She's aging like an Asian lady, gracefully! She had blonde hair, red lips, and red motorcycle gloves on, in doors - cause she can. I'm telling you it took every fiber of my being not to say ..."I see your true colors guurrrlll..." What? Yes.

My episode airs tonight, but I'm sure it will be repeated.

Saturday, December 3rd
BBC America
11pm/10c (not sure what time it would air in Europe)

Watch an exclusive sneak peek from the series premiere of BBC America's new original comedy panel show WOULD YOU RATHER...? WITH GRAHAM NORTON - and learn whether iconic pop star Cyndi Lauper would rather live the rest of her life with Darth Vader's Voice... or Alvin the Chipmunk's voice?

WOULD YOU RATHER...? WITH GRAHAM NORTON *** Premieres Saturday Dec 3 at 11pm/10c *** with back-to-back episodes - following an all new episode of The Graham Norton Show with guests Robin Williams, Elijah Wood and Jennifer Saunders.