Thursday, March 22, 2012

Summa time..

Often times you'll hear me saying that "I need to get bikini ready.."
Now, this picture takes it to a whole other level. Yes, I could totally make fun of these girls if I felt like it..I showed my homeboy this pic, and he said "Damn! Who put a thong on a mini fridge?" Did I laugh? Hell yes. Because that was funny.

But I tell ya what, I'm super impressed that these young ladies have enough chutzpa to do this in public together. Safety in numbers. And, if this is the stuff that's happening in public, I could only imagine (no I couldn't..) what's happening in private.

****Moment of honesty on a blog coming up!*****

When I was 20lbs heavier, I thought I was sexy as f*ck. You couldn't tell me anything. I was fat, didn't care, loved every part of me & never had a problem meeting people. I lost some weight, and now it's never enough. I've seen this happen so many times.
I commend these girls for loving what they've got...and don't got..and flaunting it, because hey, it's their world.

All's I'm sayin is...damn honey boo boo child..that don't look very comfy.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jersey's Finest ...

I stayed at a friend of a friend's house in Jersey .. yes, I say a "friend of a friend" cause' I don't know anyone who would have this in their house without trying to be ironic..

These ladies were hanging right over my bed. We got to know each other that night...I call them Dorothy, Rose, & Blanche.
We got sassy n shit.